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I am going to talk About Pablo Picasso one of the best historical man in the whole world who was born in the year 1881/25/10 in a city of Spain (Malaga)

Spain got the great man of the earth who was the most famous and controversial painter of the 20th century. After Death Of Pablo Picasso on 8 April 1973 in Mougins, France his paintings were to sell in crores and until Pablo Picasso was live there is no value of his painting because the paintings by Pablo was describing the pain of humans which was understood by people after his death. Pablo Picasso got the talent of the painting by his father who was a teacher in the nearby school and teaches fine arts to students.

Pablo Picasso was Interested In childhood To making paintings and he makes weird poor paintings of their friends and it was unknown by everyone that this weird painting that he invents a new art in the world.

Time was going on, With time Pablo Picasso Painting was improving and when he was 15 years old, his Painting was improved and look very beautiful. When he saw his painting he gives all the Tools of art to Pablo Picasso and gives the suggestion that “I want that you do this” and his father pledges that from this day he will not do paintings.
For Improving Pablo Picasso Art and study, His father put it to him in the Madrid academy but the environment of the place was not good so Picasso was unable to do study and making paintings that’s why Picasso came back from there.

In those days the famous place for paintings was Paris his father sends him to Paris in 1900 For the study of Fine Art. Pablo Picasso was living in Paris for a long time and also makes so many good relations with others by which a good impact falls on his knowledge of art.
During studies, Pablo Picasso makes his Art very better and as well as work on the Blue period, rose period, African influenced style, as well as Pablo Picasso, got the masters in these periods and style.

After some time Pablo Picasso came back to his home in Spain and freely makes paintings. At that time Picasso made paintings related to the exploited sections of Dalit humanity and society. The year 1904 was the year when Picasso came to his second round at that time Picasso makes the beautiful paintings of Acrobats and clowns.

Then Picasso makes his popular painting Guernica, Les demoiselles, and the weeping woman in the year 1906 for making this painting he spend one year, In the year 1909 Pablo Picasso use shrill lines and born to thanks art style after this style it discussion seems to 60-65 years. “THANKS, ARTS” impact an effect on painters, In this style everywhere Picasso use colors and lines after some times he put his hand in ingrained and makes different paintings of females and these paintings were similar to earlier Yunani statue.

In the year 1918, he marries a girl named Olga She was met to him in the fair of Russia. Olga Wife Of Pablo Picasso like royal life but Picasso doesn’t and in the year 1935, they were separated. Pablo Picasso was a simple and good man he doesn’t like injustice, On the time when Nazi throughs bombs on Spain then he make a giant painting by putting effort day and night name ( GUERNICA) against Nazi’s attackers was completed in the year 1937.

In this “GUERNICA” picture, Pablo Picasso showed the cruelty and death of the public which became very popular as well as due to this Picasso had to leave his country as well, due to which he becomes a very famous political figure. The year was passed and in the year 1961, He married the second time with Jacqueline Roque.

At the age of 91 Pablo Picasso Date Of Dead was “8 Aprile 1973” during a party at his house. Today Picasso is counted in one of the great painters. his books sell around the world so many books printed on Pablo Picasso biography, now a day’s his art was print in so many books.

Out of these more than 13000 paintings, 100000 prints and carvings used in so many books. In his life, he makes approx 600 statues According to an estimate more than 350 statues were stolen which are made by Pablo Picasso. In comparison to world artist data, the data figures of art were much bigger than any artist.

In the year 2004, a picture of Pablo Picasso was sold, named Garson, which sold for 104 million dollars and called it the most expensive picture of Pablo Picasso. Pablo started much art that the present-day artists still do today.

Quotes By Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso Quotes

“Behind every success is hard work, patience, and long-time contests”


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